We are on a mission to build the construction workforce.

Our Story

America’s Construction Talent Network (ACTN) is a new 501(c)3 not-for-profit that was founded by the successful Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation (ICRF). ICRF has and continues to do amazing work in Indiana to build the pipeline of workers needed to meet the ever growing demands of the construction industry. With their success came the realization that many states were facing the same problems with finding skilled labors to fill the gap in the industry labor force and that they could benefit from the ICRF programs. ICRF created ACTN in summer 2023 to expand their work to states across the country.

ACTN is setting our sights on Kentucky as our first state of expansion but would like to impact more states as we can establish partners to help bring our programs to life. We offer K-12 programs designed to expose students to exciting and rewarding careers in the industry. We work with industry ambassadors to visit classrooms, community events, and career fairs to share a passion for the career pathways in construction and have started construction clubs to further engage the next generation of construction workers in skill building.

For adult learners, we offer our signature BY (Build Yourself) Training Program. The model focuses on skilling up adults through free, short-term training classes that mix hands on learning with basic safety, construction math, hand and power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging and communication skills. Graduates earn at least two industry certifications: NCCER Core and OSHA 10 over 8-9 weeks of class. The last day of class is a job fair with construction industry employers who are hiring. BY Training has been offered in conjunction with community partners to work in neighborhood community centers, in correctional settings, and modified programs are available in some areas to provide additional credentials in highway and road construction.

Through our programs, ACTN can effectively build a pipeline of workers who can have meaningful careers in construction and help alleviate the industry workforce issues a lack of skilled workers pose. If you would like to get involved in continuing our story, please contact us to learn how to help.

Our Mission

The mission of ACTN is to inform, encourage and empower individuals to pursue a career in the construction industry, ultimately leading to a more sustainable workforce.

It is our passion to help people find a meaningful career in the construction industry, while making sure employers are getting quality candidates ready to start work on day one.

– Aimee Conrad-Hill, Executive Director of ACTN

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